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Yogaboka Studio

Yogaboka Studio is located in a tranquil and private setting on the edge of a lush green Mediterranean mountain forest. A breathtaking sea and mountain view from our Yoga platform is to enjoy during the practice. With the favourite times being sunrise and sunset.
The studio can be reached from the main road by our 100 steps "fitness" staircase which is a perfect warm up before the class ;-)
Though our space can fit in up to 20 - 25 people, we use it to a full capacity only during workshops and special programs. We believe an ideal yoga group shouldn't be bigger than 7-10 people, so everyone gets full attention and alignment in a regular class.
In case you don't have your own yoga mat we will provide one, as well as a seating cushion, yoga brick and other props.

In winter period Yogaboka team coordinates Auromode Yoga Space studio in Auroville, India.
Auroville is an international township project, founded in 1968 and supported by UNESCO. Yogaboka team is a member of Auroville International, representing Auroville in Montenegro.
We also represent Yoga Alliance International and certify yoga teachers and schools here in Montenegro.

Meet our team
Founder of Yogaboka, Yoga and Meditation Teacher
Max has been practicing different forms of yoga for most of his life. He first got to know Eastern martial arts, philosophy and practices in the mid-1980s, then experimented with Meditation and inner Qigong in the 1990s. But the real yoga knowledge and competence came later - when he has studied with accomplished Indian Masters and Schools including Sri Vagish Shastri (Varanasi); Swami Veda Bharati and Swami Ritavan at SRSG (Himalayan Yoga Tradition, Rishikesh); Dr. Madhavan (Vivekananda Institute of Yogatherapy); Swami Vidyananda (Transformational Yoga). During those many years of studying genuine yoga in India, he received direct transmissions and initiations in Shakta sampradaya lineage as well as Himalayan Tradition. Has completed various TTC and holds a Master of Hatha Yoga (500hrs+) and a Grand Master of Meditation, authorization to conduct Yoga Teacher Trainings.
After deliberately leaving behind a successful career in media and publishing in 2010 (with the top achievement - CEO of a high profile international media company with upmarket media brands and 100+ employees), Max has concentrated fully on teaching Hatha, Kriya and Raja Yoga. His approach is based on authentic traditional knowledge and synthesis, while keeping techniques simple, effective and accessible for many. Besides that, he lectures on different aspects of Classical Yoga and Tantra Philosophy, conducts Yoga Nidra, Meditation sessions, teaches Tao Yoga (rooted in Qigong and Tai Chi), as well as provides a range of extended workshops and Yoga Retreats.
In the recent past Max has started up, developed and led a large international yoga & wellness center Auromode Yoga Space, Auroville, India, where he also taught regular classes and held in-depth workshops and intensives. Being a member of Auroville International, he represents Auroville in Montenegro.
Since 2015 Max has been running Yogaboka studio in Kotor Bay, Montenegro, where he is a Head Teacher. He also teaches regular yoga classes, special master-classes and does private yoga training at PMYC Sports Club at Porto Montenegro, Tivat.
Ayurvedic consultant & Thai Yoga Massage therapist
While living in Thailand for some years, Sasha started doing massage to her family and friends intuitively, repeating the movements she remembered from traditional thai masseurs. In 2013 she took Shiatsu masterclasses and studied lots of sources to improve her practice. Finally she completed a full course of Thai Yoga Massage and received a certificate by Sunshine Massage School (Chiang Mai, Thailand).
Sasha has been following Tibetan Buddhism tradition in her personal practice, and the discovery of Thai Yoga Massage (which is closely related to Buddhism in its origin) was a great match and an opportunity to benefit others.
Sasha has been studying the traditional system of Ayurveda at Dr. Frawley's American Institute of Vedic Studies (USA). She also has been exploring and researching this ancient Indian system of holistic approach towards one's health and wellbeing on her own and with the help of various experts. At Yogaboka she gives personal Ayurvedic consultations on healthy lifestyle and recommendations how to improve it in terms of nutrition and diet, activity and sleeping patterns, exercise suggestions - based on person's condition, body / dosha type and other factors.
In the recent past Sasha together with Max has started up, developed and managed a large international yoga & wellness center Auromode Yoga Space, Auroville, India. She has been implementing Ayurvedic principles in her Thai Yoga Massage practice there. Now she also manages Yogaboka studio.
Yoga Teacher
Sonja Vojvodic, born in Bosnia, started her yoga journey at the age of 15 by reading yoga books and doing asanas every morning. In Montenegro, where she grew up, there were no yoga teachers at that time. After meeting and studying with her first teacher in Croatia (2013), Sonja became very inspired to visit India. When she finished Music Academy (flute) this wish came true! She has studied in Dharamsala (Indian Himalayas) with Omshankar Yogi, made her 200 hrs Hatha Yoga TTC and after that never stopped learning. Sonja believes that for every yoga teacher it is important to keep being a student too, so she continues to study different yoga styles with different teachers. Hatha yoga, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Yin, Iyengar yoga - each one has its own wisdom and unique approach but the essence is the same.
Besides yoga and music, she has experience in Reiki (1st & 2nd Degree), meditation (3 Vipassana meditation courses), sound healing, oriental dance, freediving and healthy plant based food-making and diet.
At Yogaboka, she offers 2 different types of classes- Hatha Flow Yoga is more energizing and active, and Yin Yoga - more calm, meditative practice where we move less but feel more!
Beginners, intermediate students - English speaking and locals - all are welcome!
Yoga Teacher
Bard is an American Yoga Teacher who has come to Montenegro after living five years in Chiang Mai, Thailand - where he spent his time studying energy work, trauma theory, and group process which he now incorporates in his yoga classes. He also gives Kirtan and Singing Bowl sound baths, and describes himself as a "mixed media" intuitive healer who works with reiki, tarot and astrology. He was originally certified as a yoga teacher and reiki provider back in 2011 at the Yandara school outside of Todos Santos, Mexico. He has taught in the United States and various countries in Southeast Asia and Europe in both studio and retreat settings. His teaching style is primarily in the Hatha tradition with special emphasis on mental, emotional, and energetic awareness, with breath as the guiding force for movement, sensation, and attention, while keeping group meditations an integral part of his classes. Besides giving classes at Yogaboka Studio, Bard is currently a resident yoga teacher at the Pachamama Farmstay, a permaculture farm and yoga retreat centre located just outside of Kotor.
Our international guest teachers
Yoga Teacher, Thai Yoga Massage Teacher and Therapist
Bebe was born in Madrid, Spain. With a background as a classical and modern dancer, she started her career as a physical therapist in London, UK in 2000.
Bebe is a Hatha Yoga instructor certified by the Sivananda Yoga Ashram (Kerala, India, 2006) and
certificated Yoga Vinyasa Flow teacher by Sun Power Yoga (UK, 2007).
She has obtained certificates and diplomas in Traditional Thai Massage (Beginners and Advanced), Reflexology, Reiki 1&2, Chi Nei Tsang (Abdominal Chi Massage), Onsite/ Acupressure Massage, Integrated CranioSacral Therapy and Osteo-Thai.
She began her studies in the art of Traditional Thai Massage during her first trip to Thailand in 2001, and since then, it has been the focus of her work. In 2008 Bebe has completed her Thai Yoga Massage Teacher authorisation, and has travelled, practiced and taught people around the world in countries like Costa Rica, Mexico, India, Thailand, Sweden, UK, Switzerland, Egypt, Spain & more.
Yoga Teacher
Balaganesh Sivaprakasam, shortly Bala, born in a village very close to Auroville, grew up in Chennai to become an Import & Supply Chain Manager, got his first experience in yoga while he was living in Amsterdam. After his return to India and practicing with wonderful teachers in Auroville, he has decided to do 200 hrs TTC in Sivananda style of Hatha yoga. He has been teaching yoga classes in Auroville since then. Besides Sivananda style, Bala has been practicing Ashtanga and Vinyasa himself for a few years. He believes that discipline of both body and mind is the only way to live a yogic way of life. He also volunteers in organic premaculture projects in Auroville and in his spare time runs a small NGO for the care of street dogs and learns the kerala martial art of Kalaripayatu.

Djembe Rhythms Teacher, Drummer
Gigi (Gregor Zuercher) has been travelling the world, learning different sounds and rhythms from many cultures. He learned how to communicate trough Music and Percussion with various distinct Musicians around the World.
Gigi is passionate about sharing music with others and helping them to find their unique way of expression.
For him, drumming is a medicine for the soul and its grounding effect helps to find balance in our busy life.
Besides participating in concerts, music jams and kirtans he teaches Djembe Rhythms and conducts Drum Circles. During these sessions he goes exploring different ways of producing sounds with Drums, Bells, Shakers etc. as well as experiencing Rhythms influenced by Africa, Asia, Europe and around the World.

Nada Yoga Teacher, Singer, Therapist
As an avid singer and voice teacher for the last 15 years Andreanne Laframboise first trained her voice in Western Classical Music and Opera and obtained a bachelor's degree at the University of Montreal. In 2013, she decided to go study Indian Classical Music in India. Based in Rishikesh for two years, she also learned Ayurveda and Hatha Yoga. This is where she felt how sound and voice can deeply transform and heal. In Bali, she had a real awakening in her work, where she started to lead Kirtans and Sound Healing sessions. Since 2016, she has been learning Sanskrit at Sri Aurobindo Society in Pondicherry to deepen her understanding of mantra, where music and spirituality meet. She is currently studying Hindustani music with the vocalist Lakshmi Santra.
Originally from Montreal, Canada, Andreanne travels around the world with her music, doing workshops in Nada Yoga (The Yoga of Sound), Sound Journey and Kirtan. Her intuitive and nomadic path brought her to develop a unique technique of sound yoga that combines all her knowledge to free the voice with awareness. She has been invited to share her voice, retreats and workshops in Bali (Indonesia), Thailand, India, France, United States and Canada.

Qigong, Tai Chi and Meditation Teacher
Natasha Shtareva originally from Moscow, Russia, has lived in Dharamsala (Northern India, Himalayas) for more than 10 years, studied at the Institute of the Archives Library under the patronage of His Holiness the Dalai Lama XIV.
Over the past 15 years, Natasha has participated in numerous trainings and courses in Yoga, Qigong, and Tai Chi, and has subsequently conducted seminars and master classes for various audiences in India, Russia, and Montenegro.
For the last seven years she has been actively studying Buddhist philosophy and practicing Tibetan meditation methods. This includes two years of retreats with meditation master and PhD Alan Wallace, president of the Consciousness Research Institute in Santa Barbara, a former Buddhist monk and disciple of His Holiness the Dalai Lama XIV.

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