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Yogaboka Retreats

Our expertise, international level yoga & meditation teaching, beautiful natural location, unique yoga studio with breathtaking views, comfortable accommodation and healthy food will make the retreat with us an inspiring experience!
Benefitting your body, mind and spirits.

Please note!
We offer customised yoga retreats for individuals, couples or groups. Best time for this is mid-season months of May, June or September, October.
During the busiest and hottest months of July and August we only run regular classes on schedule or individual yoga classes.
Though, you can still fully enjoy the beauty of our studio and the high level of our yoga teachers.
If interested in retreat-like experience, we can suggest to you some private program including regular and special yoga classes, recommendations for nearby accommodation and suggestions for some cultural and natural trips in the area.
Stay healthy and well!

The yoga we teach is traditional lineage based, balanced and soft. Without acrobatics and extreme positions, but with thoughtfulness and care for the body and practice. During our retreat sessions we do not only stretch and work with our muscles, but increase vitality, balance our whole energy system and make our mind happy and calm. The result is felt from the first day!
Suitable for first-timers, beginners and experienced practitioners alike.
Read more about our approach and yoga styles we teach here
Our Retreats are led by highly experienced certified yoga teacher Max who is a Head Teacher at Yogaboka and also a yoga teacher at PMYC Sports Club (Porto Montenegro) and One&Only, Portonovi. He has a thoughtful and considerate approach with his students and retreats participants, giving individual attention and care during the practice. His way of teaching yoga and meditation is based on authentic traditional knowledge and synthesis, while keeping techniques simple enough and most importantly - managable and efficient for many.
Read more about Max here

Custom tailored retreat
Let us develop your retreat program for you and together with you to meet all your individual needs, goals and expectations!
  • Retreat Length and Main Program
    Please let us know the time you have available and the goals relevant to you - be it just rest and refresh; tone, condition and recharge yourself; get some more peace of mind or may be all of these combined.
    Based on your feedback we will suggest your retreat program. It can range from 2-3 days to 15 days long.
  • Yoga and Meditation
    According to your goals, classes can be shifted more towards toning & energy or meditative side.
    We suggest a balanced approach - more energetic morning classes and more tranquil evening ones.
    You can also adjust the frequency of yoga / meditation classes during your retreat: from one light yoga class a day up to a full power program - two regular classes daily plus a masterclass or a special workshop.

    For medium and longer programs we highly recommend to include a masterclass / workshop or two to explore different aspects of yoga practice deeper, understand it better. Some of the topics we cover:
    "From Asana to Meditation" - make your practice benefit you on a multiple levels;
    "Subtle Yoga Anatomy" - understanding your body, its pranas and subtle energy channels and centers and how to work with them;
    "Yoga & Ayurveda" - adjusting your practice according to your body/dosha type and more, following Ayurvedic principles.
    There are more topics - please ask!

    And of course Personal One-to-One sessions to correct / adjust your practice, develop your own personal sets and yoga sequences to continue on your own after the retreat.
  • Accommodation and food options
    Let us arrange your accommodation and food from options available according to the number of people participating and your preferences. Please see the details here
  • Extra activities and available options
    There is a whole range of some great extra options and programs available for you to choose from:
    - First of all, the Bay of Kotor is a UNESCO heritage site and its history and culture is for you to explore. We can offer you a captivating historical and cultural sightseeing program of varying depth (with a guide or without);
    - Explore some beautiful meditteranean landscapes of Boka Kotorska through Nature walks and Hiking. Seashore, green hills, mountain forrest and villages, rocks, mountains and goat paths;
    - Professional photoshoot: at our open-air yoga studio with the views, while doing yoga;
    - Swimming and sunbathing: besides nearby beaches and swimming from our pier 100 metres down from the yoga studio, we give insider tips on other Sea & Sun options, including some beautiful hidden and not so hidden spots;
    - Sup Sailing, Kayaking, Cycling, Yachting or Boat trips - just ask;
    - Massage: Classical, Facial or Thai style - please request in advance;
    - Ayurvedic Lifestyle consultation: to complement your practice, adjust your lifestyle, physical activities, sleeping patterns, diet etc. according to your personal recommendations based on Ancient Indian Science of Ayurveda;
    - Healthy Cooking Class (Meditteranean or Ayurvedic Style);
    - Masterclass on nutrition and balanced diet.
Depending on the number of retreat participants, we have several accomodation options ranging from a cosy studio apartment to a large traditional stonehouse. Please see details below.
With a breakfast included, there is a choice for lunch and dinner: there are few dining options around, an equipped kitchen in your place or you can order meals from us by request - to be discussed.
We provide a healthy balanced mediterranean variety of dishes made mostly with localy grown food, both veg and non-veg options. If you have any special preferences (vegan / gluten free / dairy free / other) - let us know, and we will offer you a special menu accordingly.

Luxury Villa with a pool
Accommodates a group up to 6 -7 people. Ideal for a Private Mini Group Retreat. Five minutes walk from Yogaboka studio.
Includes a comfortable living area, a kitchen with a dining space, 3 double bedrooms, 1 single bedroom, 2 bathrooms, etc.
Has a private garden with a swimming pool, a patio and a barbeque area.
Traditional 17th century Stonehouse
Accommodates a group up to 12 - 13 people. Best for a regular size Group Retreat. Five minutes walk from Yogaboka studio.
Includes a large living area, 2 kitchens & 2 dining areas, 6 bedrooms (each has a private bathroom), sauna, etc.
Has a private garden & a patio.
Boka Kotorska - Bay of Kotor
We love Yoga and we love Boka. A magnificent Bay of Kotor is a UNESCO heritage site. Its many historical, cultural and natural spots are not to be missed. Even on a short program, and it is definitely a must during a full time retreat!
Boka Kotorska with its concentrated natural beauty, deep historical heritage and vast cultural legacy is no doubt a gem of the whole Montenegro and its Adriatic cost.

The Bay of Kotor, sometimes called Europe's southernmost fjord, is a small civilization of its own inside Montenegro. With its amazing landscapes, tall mountains and blue waters, venetian historical towns and modern superyacht marinas, art festivals, museums and exhibitions, quality restaurants and local markets. There is a lot to explore in any direction. Obviously, first on the list is Kotor with its medieval Old Town inside a Fortress which rightfully has its place in the UNESCO World Heritage list. But there are also other spectacular venetian towns and villages on the shore around the bay. For example a seaside towns of Prcanj or Perast. Two little islands just off Perast are of a special interest. The Island of Saint George with Benedictin Monastery of 12th Century on it and the other one - an artificial island, made up of old sunken ships and bulwark of rocks and called Our Lady of the Rocks. There is a church on it dedicated to Madonna after some fishermen found an icon of Her and the Child on a rock in 15th Century. So she is considered to be the protector of all seamen. Still even nowadays when a special yacht regatta takes place in the area, it is a tradition to add your little rock to this island.
We will give you the insider tips, if needed - create a sightseeing program, suggest the right places and times to visit.
Green forested Mountain Vrmac with its many goat paths and Austro-Hungarian period abandoned forts is a hicker's paradise of the area. Best time to take walks and hikes on it is in Spring and Autumn. There are walks of a various difficulty: from an easy and picturesque trip to medieval mountain village Gornji Stoliv to a slightly more challenging crossing the mountain from the side of Tivat town to Kotor side. Another natural and still pretty undeveloped part of Boka Bay is Lushtica peninsulla, especially its more distant western part. Olive groves, pine trees and hidden and not so hidden beaches at the open sea are the features of this area.
If you are getting ready for dinning out, Porto Montenegro in Tivat with its shining yacht marina and international restaurants is the right choice. There are also many other locations now in the Bay with different types of cousine from around the world, but we still like some local konobas with simple homestyle montenegrin cooking and relaxed atmosphere. Be sure to ask us for advice!
Feel free to contact us!
You can enquire on different components of our retreat programs: from the practice itself to cultural trips in the area, as well as all kinds of questions on staying and booking
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Yogaboka Studio
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