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Expect from us a yoga practice that is gentle, respects your body and is based on authentic tradition, yet with the elements of yogatherapy and adapted for modern needs. It means that most of the techniques, kriyas and asanas are simple enough and are easy to follow for an average normal person but are designed to have a profound effect on one's body and mind. They make your body fit, healthy and energised and your mind clear and balanced. The only condition is your wish for a change, some effort and regularity.

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April - October 2019
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Individual Yoga Sessions

An individual lesson begins with a conversation. First we clarify what you expect from yoga and how you can accommodate it to your everyday life. This conversation determines the direction in which we go.
Than we try some simple movements, asanas, kriyas, breath observations. From this, we develop a series of exercises, in which we focus on a goal relevant to you. We also consider your dosha / body type and give individual recommendations and adjust the practice accordingly. At the end of the session the teacher draws the practice in simple recognisable figures. So you develop your very own practice which suits you well and you can follow it now wherever you are.

It can be 1-2 customised sessions, an individual program (5+ lessons) or a full individual course (1 month & more) according to your goals, needs and current conditions.
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Hatha Yoga without losing your soul
Being quiet physical in nature Hatha Yoga was never meant to be just about muscle work. It is primarily about releasing deep inner tensions and working with the energies inside our body. Ha-tha is a combination of two sanskrit syllables Ha and Tha. Ha represents the sun, prana, the life force, and Tha represents the moon, the mind, the mental energy. So, hatha yoga means the union of pranic and mental forces.
This way hatha yoga practices purify and create a state of harmony in body and mind. They balance the solar and lunar, masculine and feminine, active and passive aspects of ourselves. Unless we combine the disciplines associated with breathing and meditation with the physical postures, we cannot expect to achieve this harmonious state. And without this inner harmony, we waste a lot of our time and energy fighting the distractions and disturbances coming from both the inner and outer worlds.
Our typical class
Yogic warm-up
We start with Sukshma Vyayama or Joints & Glands - energy gymnastics, that activates our body and wakes up our pranas
Asanas & Kriyas
Then we proceed to varieties of stretching, activating, harmonising and releasing sequences of asanas and kriyas. We keep them diverse but simple, with different accents and specifics depending on the class, time of the day and seasonal and astro predispositions.
We pay special attention to the final part of the class. It has such an importance as, if done right, all benefits of our previous practice are collected during this time. We apply relaxation techniques, do breathing exercises and complete with some concentration and meditation.
Kriya Yoga and its benefits
Kriya Yoga is a highly practical and effective ( and secret in the past ) system developed in ancient times for a rapid transformation and progress. A word "kriya" can be translated as "action with awareness". The method consists of different kriyas or exercises done in a sequence directing prana and consciousness in the body and aimed at harmonising and synchronising of natural forces and energies being present in every human. It brings a balanced and harmonious body, mind and spirit and unfolds a highest human potential.
Workshop "From Asana to Meditation" at Porto Montenegro Sports Club,
Tivat, Montenegro
Raja Yoga as a meditation vehicle
Raja Yoga is about both body and mind but the emphasis is on mental and spiritual development. It can be defined as the royal path to unity, the meditative path. As such it is considered to be the supreme form of yoga. In fact, its practices which are dealing with the mind, work best when integrated with the other paths of yoga. Then raja yoga enriches and complements Hatha Yoga, which is considered a preparation for Raja.
The main objective of raja yoga is to control the mental energies which are generally dissipated and fluctuating. The mind has infinite capacities but due to its rajasic nature, it remains in constant activity and can be compared to a wild jumping monkey. So we gently handle and tame this monkey starting from a physical body and moving to a more subtle level. The ability to observe and control the body, energy and the various activities of the mind brings about positive results in the long term.
Yoga Nidra - relax and listen to your Self
Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep, is a meditative conscious practice that is intended to induce total physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. It is done while being in Shavasana ( corpse pose ) with instructions coming from a teacher, who takes your attention to specific places through a series of steps—including guided imagery and body scanning—to aid relaxation. Unlike a quick Shavasana at the end of asana practice, Yoga Nidra allows enough time for practitioners to physiologically and psychologically sink into deepest possible states of relaxation while still maintaining full consciousness. The technique is practical and easily accessible, while being so restorative for health and mental peace.
Tao Yoga - working with your Yin and Yang
Tao masters are famous for inventing methods of prolonging life span and their ability to accumulate inside the body large reserves of vital energy, needed for brewing a "pill of immortality". While not pursuing this sort of ambition, we use main principles and techniques set by them in Tao Yoga. This is a holistic system of coordinated body posture and slow flowing movement, rhythmic breathing and calm meditative state of mind. The goal is to cultivate and balance Qi (Chi) or life energy (prana in Indian philosophy), to build strength, develop breath and mind control, and increase vitality.
Though the main principles Tao Yoga is based on, use the same key laws of nature as Indian systems, the approach rather differs in techniques, stands, movements and breathing patterns. Tao Yoga has more in common with Chinese inner martial arts systems such as Tai Chi, Qi gong and others. It is accessible to people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.
Let the force be with you! ;-)
Meditation - relaxing, concentrating, getting absorbed
Meditation is a key inner practice of many traditions.
In our approach to meditation we follow a classical yogic method which is truly scientific and effective. It involves gradual steps of correct sitting posture, centering, relaxation, breath awareness and concentration. The technique involves a type of inner attention that is quiet, concentrated and at the same time relaxed. It is therapeutic from the beginning. We ask our mind to cool and slow down. As a result we achieve a state of tranquility, awareness and enjoyment.

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