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Yoga Classes & Retreats

in the Bay of Kotor,

Summer Season 2023
We have finished regular group classes for this season. Thank you for being with us!
Private sessions are still available. If interested, please get in touch!

Group Classes by request at Yogaboka
You are a group of friends or a family who want to have a yoga class just for you and at your time? In a unique harmonious yoga space with a breathtaking views, guided by one of the top teachers in the area?
Do not miss this very special experience!
- From 3 to 8 persons
- From beginners to advanced level
- From a single session to a set of classes or a customised program just for you and your group
Guided by our teacher Max Pranic
About Yogaboka
A popular open-air yoga studio, set in Boka Kotorska (Kotor Bay), a place of an incomparable beauty where mountains meet the sea and the nature reveals its best. All yoga practices go in perfect harmony with this special environment. Yogaboka provides a welcoming space to achieve strength, balance and happy mind. And yoga is a powerful instrument for this positive transformation.

Yogaboka Fees
Drop-in Class
Any regular group class (90min), per person
Drop-in Local Resident Special*
Any regular group class (90min), per person.
*Applicable for all permanent residents of Montenegro (citizens or residents with Borovak)
Yoga class by appointment: groups from 3 to 8 persons
at the studio
Group yoga class 90 min, by request, book in advance
Individual session (1 person) - at Yogaboka Studio
90 - 120 min, tailor-made personal class (for 1 or 2 people max), book in advance
Individual session (2 persons) - at Yogaboka Studio
90 - 120 min, tailor-made personal class (for 1 or 2 people max), book in advance
Individual session - elsewhere
from €100
120 min, tailor-made personal class, book in advance
In Boka Kotorska area only
ONLINE Live-Stream Personal Yoga Session
from €60
From 75 min, tailor-made personal class, book in advance
Yoga with Max*
*Max Pranic is a certified, highly experienced international level yoga teacher
Reserve private classes with him at
3 great locations:
Yoga Studio, Kotor Bay
Reserve at:
+382 67 814 900
Unique natural location with a stunning sea and mountain views. Popular outdoor studio near Kotor, ideal for a deeper yoga or meditation practice
Well known Sports Club of Porto Montenegro. Comfortable and convenient if you are based in Tivat area. Indoor/Outdoor
PMYC Sports Club
Reserve at:
+382 32 660 744
Chenot Espace Spa
Reserve at:
+382 31 691 001
Highly exclusive!
Listen to Max Pranic giving interview to a well known International Podcast "Wild Yoga Tribe"
To have a better idea about Max's approach to practicing and teaching Yoga

to listen press PLAY button down here

That's what people say about Yogaboka:

What we offer at Yogaboka

Our main focus is on an individual approach and custom made classes. We believe that, as a famous yoga teacher TKV Desikachar used to say: "Yoga must be adapted to an individuals needs, expectations and possibilities, rather than adapting an individuals needs, expectations and possibilities to Yoga."
Our experience and knowledge allow us to do that delicately and professionally.
Regular classes
by schedule
We offer various Yoga Styles classes with our teachers. Try different classes and find out what suits you best, be it more active or more meditative type of yoga.
Our general principle is the same in every class - using simple but effective techniques, energizing your body, releasing stress and balancing your mind.
Check our schedule here.

Individual Yoga sessions, courses and programs
Designed for your needs, level, age and dosha / body type, be it your first step in yoga or an upgrade of your previous practice. Highly customised yoga session or a set of sessions (individual program) considering what you expect from yoga and how you can accommodate it to your everyday life.
Learn more here.
Special Events
and Intensives
Various workshops, seminars and intensives, exploring different forms of yoga and adjoining areas of expertise. Done by our team or with the invitation of guest teachers and experts. Besides that, it can be a musical performance, a movie screening or a tea ceremony - if we like it, we make it happen :)
Check our Events page.
We were trained and taught in line with authentic tradition, and we too keep passing the knowledge and techniques, proven to be genuine and effective by hundreds of years of unbroken lineage of practice
Internationally Certified
We have completed a number of international courses and schools to be formally acknowledged and certified on the international level
Great Location
Our yoga studio is hidden in a very special tranquil spot of Boka Kotorska on the edge of Mediterranean hillside forest with a breathtaking sea and mointain view
What is yoga?

Practices, Philosophy and Lifestyle to achieve peace, power and spiritual wisdom as well as sound health, joyful mind and balanced personality. This is done through the techniques of asana, pranayama, mudra, kriya, mantra and meditation.
Contact us
tel +382 67 814 900 @ WhatsApp
Yogaboka Studio
Markov Rt (near Hyatt Regency Kotor Bay)
Stoliv, Kotor County,
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