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Yoga is not just about stretching in Asanas, but much more than that. There are different forms and styles of Yoga. There are also many profound techniques that can enrich and complement your yoga exercise. Find out what suits you best among different activities we offer!
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Individual Yoga sessions, programs and courses
Designed for your needs, level, age and dosha / body type, be it your first step in yoga or an upgrade of your previous practice. Highly customised yoga session or a set of sessions (individual program) considering what you expect from yoga and how you can accommodate it to your everyday life.
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Special Events and Intensives
Various workshops, seminars and intensives, exploring different forms of yoga and adjoining areas of expertise. Done by our team or with the invitation of guest teachers and experts. Besides that, it can be a musical performance, a movie screening or a tea ceremony - if we like it, we make it happen :)
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Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultations

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian system of medicine with a holistic approach to one's health and wellbeing. When western medicine tends to prescribe pills for a particular symptom, Ayurveda aims to balance the whole body-mind system in order to achieve healthy state.
Based on your body / dosha type and current condition, we will give you detailed recommendations on correcting your diet, adjusting physical activities, sleep patterns and lifestyle in general.
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Meditation lessons and sessions
Meditation is a key inner practice of many traditions.
In our approach to meditation we follow a classical yogic method which is truly scientific and effective. It involves gradual steps of correct sitting posture, centering, relaxation, breath awareness and concentration. The technique involves a type of inner attention that is quiet, concentrated and at the same time relaxed. It is therapeutic from the beginning. We ask our mind to cool and slow down. As a result we achieve a state of tranquility, awareness and enjoyment.
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Thai Yoga Massage

Authentic body therapy, sometimes called "Passive Yoga" - relax and enjoy while the therapist guides your body through simple yoga asanas and activates your energy points and meridians. Thai Yoga Massage releases muscle tension and blockages, eliminates toxins, improves circulation, restores natural energy flow through the body.
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